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Kotor, Montenegro - historical heritage


Kotor is a town of rich cultural tradition, and one of the best preserved mediaeval urban areas of this part of the Mediterranean.
Kotor town ramparts were built gradually from the 9th to the 18th century. They are approximately 4.5 km long, with the height in parts reaching 20 m, and 2-15 m wide. At 260 m above sea level, there is St. John's Hill (San Giovanni) with the fortress of the same name.

The fortress can be accessed through one of two entrances. The first is located near St. Mary's Church, and the second one is on "Pjaca od Salate" (Salad Square). Both routes meet and lead to the 15th century Church of Our Lady of Health (Madonna della Salute). From here, the path leads to the smaller fortress, from where it is possible to continue all the way up to St. John's Fortress.
Main town gate. Today, one can enter the town through three gates. The biggest one is the Western Gate, which once could be accessed only from the sea. The present-day appearance of the gate dates back to 1555. It was built during the time of the Venetian prince Bernardo Renier, in the Renaissance-Baroque style which is testified to by the column and the arch made according to the "Bugnato" technique. The gate is surrounded with massive stone blocks, next to which are stone columns also consisting of massive stone blocks.
Apart from this one, there are also the Southern, the oldest (10th century) and the Northern Gates.

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