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Kotor tourist information


Active holidays
Kotor offers various activities to is tourists, mostly during the summer months. As far as activity holidays go, the most attractive possibilities are sailing, diving, rowing, mountaineering, as well as many others.
In Kotor, there are many sport clubs like the "Lahor" sailing club, the "Pestingrad" mountaineering association, diving club "Zubatac" and the "Fjord" rowing club. Within the complex of Hotel Fjord, there are tennis courts. In the Kotor municipality, there are two football pitches, as well as small sports arenas, at Benovo and Skaljari.

Traditional Kotor events
Kotor is one of few towns where year in, year out, numerous traditional events take place which attract great number of domestic foreign tourists.

Traditional New Year's Eve on the town squares.
Kotor Carnival Days start in February and last until the beginning of March.

Days of Camellia are held in March.

The Film festival on marine life is held in the end of May and the beginning of June.
The Kotor festival of children's theatres starts on 2nd and lasts until 10th July
The International Fashion Show is held at the end of July

Bokelian Night, established in the 18th century, following the example of the Venetian Night, which makes Kotor recognisable in the whole of Europe, is held in August
Rooster Shooting is a traditional event which is held in Perast each 15th May, symbolising the warrior spirit and skill demonstrated by the inhabitants of
Perast at resisting the Turkish attack on the town on 15th May 1654.
'International Festival of Traditional A Cappella Singing, held in Perast
during the August
'"Fasinada" is a traditional event which is held in Perast each year on 22nd July,
and it is linked to the permanence of the artificial islet of Our Lady of the Rock
'TheFishermen's Night, held at Bigova in August
'The Morinj and Risan Evenings, held in July and August
'Free Climbing, is in May.
The Major Summer International Carnival is held in August. It gathers
carnival groups from most European carnival cities which cherish the carnival
The Traditional Bokelian Navy Ceremony is held each year on 26th June when Bokelian Navy Day is celebrated and 21 st November, when Kotor Municipality
Day is celebrated.

In Kotor, there used to be many professional organisations, the origins of which are linked to the Middle Ages.
The most significant of them all is the Bokelian Navy. Its origin is linked to the 9th century, although written sources, like the Statute of the Bokelian Navy, do not mention it until the 15th century. Nowadays, the Bokelian Navy, as a memorial organisation has the role of cherishing the tradition of Kotor seamanship.
Beside the Bokelian Navy, the Kotor Brass Band and the Serbian vocal group "Jedinstvo" have a long tradition.



Kotor is an extremely attractive excursion destination. For tourists who visit Kotor, half-day boat trips are organised to the Baroque town of Perast and the beautiful islet of Our Lady of the Rock. Risan is certainly a tourist attraction, with archaeological sites (famous Roman mosaics and prehistoric drawings in Lipci Cave).
There can also be offered one-day boat trips throughout the Boka Kotorska Bay, which include a visit to Tivat and numerous beaches in this part (like Zanjic, Mirista), Perast and Risan.
Apart from numerous excursions in the Boka, the so-called "Montenegro Tour" offers visits to many other interesting places like Budva, Sveti Stefan, Cetinje, Skadar Lake, Ostrog Monastery, the River Tara, Mount Durmitor, and others.


Transport links
Kotor is connected with all important towns in Montenegro by means of a highway. Kotor can be accessed via the sea, using the ports of Bar and Kotor.
The closest airports are Tivat (5 km) and Golubovci in Podgorica (90 km). Cilipi Airport (Croatia) is 73 km from Kotor.
Some 90 km from Kotor, in Podgorica, there is a railway station, as well as in Bar 65 km from Kotor.


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